Join Team Kick It AVL! 

What is it?

We know you want to run more races than you can afford.  Don’t we all!


We can help! Can you help?

We have developed a point system for volunteering and running. Earn points as you volunteer to use for free race registrations!

I personally think being a course marshal and cheering on the runners is just as much fun as running! Volunteer and join in the fun!

How to sign up?

Click the link below and sign up on our google form. Find the races you want to volunteer for and get signed up. You will receive your volunteer points the day after the race you volunteer for. You must volunteer before you receive the points.

How to use your volunteer points?

Shoot me an email letting you know you want to redeem your points and which race you want to use them for and I’ll send you a promo code.

Point Information

Volunteer for Race Date Points Earned Points to run it! Link to Volunteer
Art Dash 5k 8/28/2021 40 20 CLICK
Chasing Trail 9/25/2021 20 20 CLICK
Oktoberfest 1/2 10/2/2021 40 40 CLICK
Oktoberfest 5k 10/2/2021 20 20 CLICK
Thomas Wolfe 8k 10/16/2021 20 20 CLICK
Zombie 5k 10/31/2021 20 20 CLICK
Beer City Relay 2/5/2022 20 40 CLICK
Chasing Trail Winter 2/12/2022 20 20 CLICK
Chasing Trail Spring 4/2/2022 20 20 CLICK
Independence Day 5k 7/4/2022 20 20 CLICK
Chasing Trail Summer 7/9/2022 20 20 CLICK