Human Foosball

Inflatable Human Foosball / Arena Soccer

We have Western North Carolina's only inflatable Human Foosball / Arena Soccer setup for all ages. Rent it OR hire us to manage your next fund-raising tournament or backyard event!

Foosball Rental Facts

  • The inflatable is 20' by 40'.
  • Space must be flat for fair play.
  • Inflatable can be used indoors or out on any level surface
  • Regular 120v electric plug must be available
  • Up to 12 people can play at a time on 2 teams.
  • Belts are adjustable to fit all. They are also removable.
  • Players must be tall enough to be belted around the waist. However, smaller kids can play by having them hold on to the bar!
  • Poles can be removed for smaller kids to play fast paced arena soccer.


  • Unmanned for up to 4 hours: $350
  • Manned for up to 4 hours: $550
  • Both include setup and delivery within 30 minutes of Asheville. Additional travel negotiable.

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